Flex Wheel Extruder

Flex Wheel Extruder

$USD 120.24

Flex Wheel Extruder – Body Only

Quality parts supplied in kit form – Basic assembly required.

Available in 1.75 and 3 mm filament variations.

NOTE: Geared stepper motor required.

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Flex Wheel Extruder Body Only 

Supplied in kit form and requires some basic assembly. Please see assembly guide for step by step instructions.

  • High precision milled Aluminium Base Plate
  • High precision milled Aluminium hinged top plate
  • 2 x Filament guides
  • 4 x Tension screws
  • 2 x Filament restrainers
  • Thrust bearing
  • Upper and lower bearing races.
  • Clamping shaft hub
  • Essential hardware components (bolts and washers).
  • and of course the FLEX WHEEL


This product requires a geared stepper motor.

To obtain the most from this revolutionary filament control system we strongly recommend coupling your Flex Wheel with a high quality precision geared stepper motor with a gear reduction box of 30:1. This stepper motor can be sourced through our affiliate link or ordered directly from us – compare postage costs (which is dependent on your location) so as to obtain the best value.

Alternatively the Flex Wheel has been designed to be compatible with a variety of Nema 17 geared stepper motors which are readily available – So if you already have a geared stepper motor lying around or wish to test with other types of motors you can always experiment – Feel free to drop us line, we are always happy to advise, help out and hear what else works.


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1.75, 3

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