Loading and unloading filament.

Bowden Set Up.

While the Flex Wheel can be loaded and unloaded by simply loosening off the 4 x tension screws and inserting or withdrawing the filament manually we have found in practice that this is not the most effective way and is usually impossible when when managing very flexible filament. The Flex Wheel can operate at high speeds with significant loads so why not let the machine do all the work.

The following routine for Bowden setups works very well and takes just only a few minutes.

  1. Unscrew and remove Bowden coupling and tube from outlet point.
  2. With printer software extrude 200 mm @ rate 800 mm /min.
  3. Cut end of chosen filament at a 45 degree angle and insert into stainless steel tube on the inlet side.
  4. A short time later filament will exit the unit, any debris that may be in the mechanism will also be ejected at this point – save it going into your hot end
  5. Reattach Bowden tube, extrude additional length @ 800 mm /min until the filament reaches the top of your hot end, extrusion length will depend on your particular Bowden tube.
  6. Extrude another 100 -150 mm @ 200 mm / min to prime hotend.
  7. Good to go – Print away.

To unload we recommend the following –

  1. With you hot end heated up to printing temperature unscrew the Bowden Coupling from the outlet side of the Flex Wheel and withdraw filament from tube.
  2. Cut of tail as it usually forms strings and blobs as it is withdrawn from your hotend (these can easily become dislodged in your extruder mechanism and are best discarded). Make your cut at a 45 degree as this help with loading next time.
  3. Reverse filament by required amount @ 800 mm /sec.