Installing a Bowden Tubing System.

The Flex Wheel is able to apply significantly more force onto the printing filament, thus achieving greater speeds and the ability to print with softer and more flexible filament.  In order to gain the most from the Flex Wheel you need to ensure that any cavities that may exist in the remainder of the extrusion system are also eliminated, attention should be paid to -.

  • The point where the PTFE tube slides onto the filament feed tube The diameter of the filament tube is either 3 mm or 4 mm depending on model (1.75 or 3). The internal diameter of the PTFE tube is usually 2 or 3 mm respectively. With the appropriate size drill bit, slowly drill out a small length of tubing to match the length and width of the filament feed tube. Allow for this portion to sit over the end of the filament feed tube.

The length of the filament feed tube protruding from filament guide can also be modified and reduced in length if required. This requires disassembly of the filament guide – please refer to assembly guide for further information.

  • An ideal set up for flexible filament is to have PTFE push fit connectors which allow the PTFE tube to slide all the way through, this way one continuous length of tubing can be used which leads from the outlet of the flex wheel all the way to the melting zone on within your hot end.
  • In order to attach your coupling to the Flex Wheel a number of attachment holes have been conveniently located in order to be able to attach additional accessories, see appendix for hole location and specifications. A simple attachment coupling block can be downloaded and printed see Printable Downloads