Direct Drive Model: 1.75 mm or 3 mm

The direct drive is the best configuration to attain maximum speed and full retraction capabilities that the Flex Wheel has to offer, particularly with flexible filament.

The direct drive has the ability to print the softest and the most flexible filaments currently avilable today (and those that are still yet to be available!).

Able to be configured with dual hotend printers. A great set up includes using the direct drive to control the flexible filament coupled with a Bowden cable hotend which can be used for the printing of support or rigid type material.

Printer Requirements and Things to Consider:

To mount the Flex Wheel on dual vertical x axis rails –

Enough space is required between the rails (and bearings) for a nema 17 motor body (approx: 42 mm) to slide between.

A specilaised bracket or plate will need to be printed and attached to the rear of the extruder, this bracket will differ between printers. The Flex Wheel has been designed with this in mind and the backing plate has 4 x additional 3 mm holes and 2 x larger 5 mm holes which will allow for the attachment of specifically designed plates. Check out the Thingiverse page for measurements and specifications.

Print envelope may be reduced –

While the overall dimensions of the extruder are only slightly larger compared to existing extruder systems already in use, the location of the hotend is offset from the centre by 31 mm. This will require adjustments of homing end stop positions (usually on the X axis) to allow for the hot end to clear the print plate, please note that all printers may not support this extra clearance which will result in a reduced print envelope, if this is the case you may consider re-configuring to a Bowden Cable set up.

Cooling fan required –

Stepper motors can get hot during operational use. A cooling fan and heat sink are highly recommended to reduce heat transfer from the stepper to other parts of the extruder unit. A specialised bracket to hold the fan will be required with design dependent upon individual machines.

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