3D Printing Service specialising in Flexible Parts

We offer a full F.D.M. (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printing service with quick production turnaround of ‘one off’ or ‘short production runs’ of flexible parts.

We strive to produce fully functional parts that can be tested and utilised in the real world, not just a rough sort-a-replica of what you are after, but a real functional part.

We can print in a range of material shore hardness (how flexible or soft the material is) to match your product specifications, from 46A to 93A (or above). Also available is a ‘High Temp’ flexible TPU with a shore hardness of 85A, this polymer has the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees c for prolonged periods of time.

We predominately print with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) utilising either production type filaments (e.g. Ninja Flex) or an independently produced BASF polymer material.

The advantage of production grade filament is that it can be supplied in numerous colours with outstanding print quality.

The advantage of the independently produced BASF product is that the exact specifications of the polymer is known and available, this greatly enhances the design and prototyping cycle as the printed item can be matched more closely with final specifications.

We also offer the potential to print with your own specific polymer material of choice (flexible of rigid). For this we require a minimum of 2–3 kg’s of raw stock, which we are then able (material dependent) to extrude into a suitable printing filament through a micro in house extruder. Once we have the 3 mm filament of your specific material we can then proceed to print the object(s) that is required.

Some examples of recent projects:

TPU angled horse shoe shims. Shim on the printer
Shim on the horse. A fully functional part (the white insert between the hoof and the blue polymer horse shoe).
Finger Grips
Link to the Fin Gripper project


Thin-walled Sphere
Industry specific Forklift Wheels
Temperature Resistant water tight blow out bulb

The flex wheel printing the Temperature Resistant water tight blow out bulb:

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