1.75 mm Flex Wheel Extruder

Bowden Cable Model

Designed for 1.75 mm flexible filament (or close to anyway (+/-) 0.2 mm). The Flex Wheel automatically adjust for any variation in filament diameter. The only occasional adjustment that is required is via a simple tightening or loosening of a set of thumb screws which are designed to apply the required pressure to bend the flexible flanges into the correct shape, this ‘calibration’ is generally only required if you have opened the top hinged plate to access the internal flex wheel.

This makes the Flex Wheel incredibly easy to use, no messing around, no calibration between spools, no fiddly knobs to get just right, just load up your filament and print away.

Interchangeable between Direct Drive and Bowden Cable configurations – Yes you can print 1.75 flex through a Bowden Cable without any issues.

The 1.75 mm model can extrude and print with rigid type filament, for instance PLA / ABS / PVA or any other rigid, flexible or tricky filament.

Flex wheel in direct drive combination

The difference between the 3 mm and 1.75 mm models?

While the two versions are essentially the same in design there is a difference in the overall dimensions of the components, including – the flex wheel, the diameter of the filament feed tubes, the bending profiles and the overall tolerances of the top and bottom plates.

Printing 1.75 Ninja Flex through a Bowden Cable, the part was sliced and printed at 80 mm/sec.

Loading and unloading filament, 1.75 mm model.