The Flex Wheel is a revolutionary new way to grip, control and print with rigid or even the trickiest of filaments with your 3D printer. No longer will you be limited by the constraints of your existing Hob Gear – Pinch Type roller extrusion system.

What WONT you experience with the Flex Wheel – No more under extrusion problems, no more clogged hob gears, no more kinking of flexible filament, no more damaged or slipping filament and definitely no more 3D printing extruder head aches.

What WILL you experience with the Flex Wheel– More contact surface area between the drive mechanism and the filament, more power to drive your filament harder and faster, more speed and control over flex, more barrel pressure and a substantially improved 3D printing experience.

The Flex Wheel, the best extrusion system for rigid and flexible filament.

Cover Closed                                                                                                                Cover Open showing the Flex Wheel
  • Print truly flexible filament at the same speed and parameters as you already achieve when you print with rigid type filament (i.e. PLA / ABS).
  • Improved retraction capabilities compared to all other flexible extrusion systems, don’t turn off retraction when printing flex, turn it up!
  • The unit is interchangeable between Direct Drive and Bowden Cable. Allowing you to upgrade and improve your printer.
  • The 3 mm unit is able to print to print ultra flexible filament with ease, the 1.75 mm unit is able to print both flex and rigid type filament.
  • No calibration required, the flex wheel automatically accepts and is able to tolerate wide variations in filament diameter.

Direct Drive or Bowden Cable

Available in 1.75 mm or 3 mm configurations.

Print even the trickiest of filaments with ease with the Flex Wheel.

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